Implementation Guide

This guide helps you implement and integrate poco-sdk with your game/app step by step.

Poco-sdk now supports following languages:

  • python
  • js
  • lua
  • c#
  • java

More language will come in future.

Getting Poco SDK

First clone the poco-sdk repo. Each languages are located in poco-sdk/sdk/* separately.

git clone

You can just copy the source code of corresponding language to your project script folder.

Implement the Abstract Method

(coming soon…)

Initialize poco-sdk after game launched

(coming soon…)

Object Model

This section shows key models and relationship between them.

Abstract Class/Interface Implementation

To implement your own version of poco sdk, you only need to implement the following 2 classes/interfaces and override its abstract method. This section shows the details about implementing the abstract method in classes or interfaces.

(coming soon…)


4 methods should be override

(coming soon…)


1 method should be override

(coming soon…)